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Languages: English, Español (Latino)

It's the night of the school dance... and the (probably not) magical prince(-like transfer student) is coming! Lottie's never dressed up for a school dance before, but there's no time like the present, right?! Help Lottie get ready for the dance so she can have the best one of her life!


Dressing To Impress A (Probably Not?) Magical Prince(-Like Transfer Student)! is a little visual novel and dress up game! Join Lottie as she tries to find the perfect outfit to impress the boy of her dreams.

Eleven endings, ~20 minute playtime.

Made for AdvXJam with the theme: "A Good Time".


Post-Jam Update:
Now comes with captions and font choices for readability!

You can now have a copy of Lottie's Photo Album (game artbook) for $2! Comes with an exclusive interview with Lottie (and concept art by littlerat)!


Story, Coding, Art: littlerat

Music and SFX: Pocket Sound

Additional SFX: Otakua

Español (Latino): dunkelheyt


Featured In:

HES Mixtape Vol 1


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DTIA(PN)MP(LTS) - Dressing To Impress - PC AND LINUX.zip 39 MB
DTIA(PN)MP(LTS) - Dressing To Impress - MAC.zip 21 MB
Dressing To Impress - Photo Album and Exclusive Interview!.pdf 10 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
Dressing To Impress - Text-Only Exclusive Interview!.pdf 74 kB
if you pay $2 USD or more

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THIS GAME WAS SO CUTE AND FUN......................... Lottie has such a fricking incredibly explosive personality, and, frankly, as somebody who's as anti-social as could be, a lot of her writing is so fricking good and resonant............. I LOVE HER AND I HOPE SHE CAN FIND HER TRUEST LOVE IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!!! Obviously the greatest ending of them all is the warm-outfit ending, just 'cause....... wow........... the writing there is so freaking dorky, it's incredible. Also????? The "interview" is so freaking cute, holy moly. I love that structure so much.

Thank you for making this gAAAAAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super cute <3


This game was really cute and fun!! I loved Lottie she's so adorable heheh and the warmest outfit ending was such a cute mess :')


I've gotten all endings except the warmest outfit! I'm struggling... But very cute game! I really like the dialogue and how awkward Lottie is. Can relate!


Here's a hint, if you're interested:
One of Lottie's outfits is already quite warm, but if she changed her top to something thicker, I think she'd be really baking!


thank you! I finally got it! I kept choosing the pants instead, so that got me messed up haha. Really cute game. The endings were all funny.


I like to think they're very thin and cheap dress pants, hehe. Thanks for playing!


yay!!!! I got every ending!!! Amazing game!!!!!!


Ooo, looking nice~

putting it on my list~~~