Lottie's Photo Album And Exclusive Interview Now Available! Also, CAPTIONS!

Hi folks!

Thank you everyone who's played Dressing To Impress A (Probably Not) Magical Prince(-Like Transfer Student).

You can now purchase Lottie's Photo Album (game artbook) for $2. Comes with an exclusive interview with Lottie (and concept art from littlerat)! The game now also comes with captions and font choices for accessibility. Hooray!

Download here: https://littlerat.itch.io/dressing-to-impress


DTIA(PN)MP(LTS) - Dressing To Impress - PC AND LINUX.zip 38 MB
Dec 08, 2020
DTIA(PN)MP(LTS) - Dressing To Impress - MAC.zip 21 MB
Dec 08, 2020
Dressing To Impress - Photo Album and Exclusive Interview!.pdf 10 MB
Dec 08, 2020
Dressing To Impress - Text-Only Exclusive Interview!.pdf 74 kB
Dec 08, 2020

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