two men go on a date and don't fall in love. 
but maybe they can find something else in common?

four endings.


content notice: this game discusses difficulties surrounding sexuality, romance and kink.


story, coding, art: littlerat

music: alcaknight

voice beeps: christopher navarre


for $2 you can have an art collection including art from the game, sketches, and a small list of fun facts, as well as a downloadable version of the game for PC!


made for o2a2 vn jam 2023 ~ queer edition ~

993 words

wordcount calculation - 989 words in dialogue according to Lint
- "options" (menu name, changed from "preferences")
- "credits" (menu name, changed from "about")
- "start again" (textbutton)


Featured In:
Melbourne Queer Games Festival 2023: Bronze Medal

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(77 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Ren'Py
Tags2D, aromantic, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles


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Development log


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Love this <3


i'm aro and the trust route is so good, i think it might have given me a new way to describe my experience

i'm really pleased to hear this, thank you for sharing


Some of my online mutuals are loveless aromantics and this made it “click” for me. Not saying it was your intention to educate, but thank you anyway. all in all a short and pleasant experience👍

i'm glad you enjoyed it and that it was helpful to you!


A cute game.


Thank you so much for making this!! It's so hard to find thoughtful, artistic aro content like this, so I appreciate it so much! <3


aro games are cool!! i'm pleased that you enjoyed this one c:


Cute :)


v nice and sweet!!


aww i loved it! fun


Very fun conversation, I enjoyed the different directions the ending can go. The game definitely fulfills the promise of the title.


thanks for the playthrough!!

This was really pretty, not just visually, either. 🥰


trust ending made me smile. also "really? hooray!" was funny.


i really like that line! i think it came about because of the limited word count c:

this was really fun and well-written!! when the mc started talking about trust I immediately connected really hard with him... i really felt what he was saying haha. I don't think i reached every ending, but the ones I saw were all super interesting characterwise and great fun (and, save the coffee ending, really cute), and i liked them all a lot. what a lovely game!!

this was soooo cute and well done!!! i love how many endings this has despite the wordcount limit. loved to play it <3 the rope ending was super sweet haha

This game was really cool!

Rope ending. Sounds like some gay stuff gonna happen on my character's home...

hey finally, an aro game that's not aroace. The MC is relatable (but seems cooler than me, lol). 


can confirm:
- aro games are cool and i'd love to see more of them
- the MC is too cool

I forgot the title as I started playing and I was so happy they could just be friends in most of the endings, and then I saw the title again 😆 This is such a cute game, I'm happy they didn't fall in love!

Woohoo! I got Coffee, Ropes, Trust, and Friendship! I like how in Trust and Ropes, everything feels tied up (heh) quite nicely-- such satisfying endings! I felt bad for making Hoodie Strings uncomfortable enough to leave to get the Coffee endings tho T.T  The music and graphics are super soothing, I'd certainly like to visit this café if it existed :D


the cafe may not physically exist, but you can find more of alcaknight's music on soundcloud c:


Hey! I played the game and... was it aromantic? Because it is a wholesome way to talk about how "love" can be embodied in various ways, and not only the romantic one! I appreciated this! And I enjoyed the characters, and how honesty and trust is what led to the good endings in the end (the discussion about rope play is a great example of that: they manage to talk about a shared kink with transparency and respect, while respecting each other's desires and boundaries)!

I also enjoyed the background music, it was really fitting! And of course, the art style was very unique and pretty!

It was quite the unusual date, but a pleasant one! Thank you!


i love this!! so much!!

the way the player character is so matter-of-fact and the date is so welcoming and wholesome is just... great. idk im a lil incoherent but i love this a lot!!

the sound of the dialogue "typing" is rly satisfying also

i'm really happy with the dialogue sound, and it was  surprisingly easy to do! 

i followed this example in the renpy documentation:

and then in options.rpy i found "preferences.text_cps" and set it to 70 (any non-zero number will work, to your preference)


This is a nice little game!! The date has such a delightful personality to him, which goes pretty opposite to the POV character's own sternness, I think, and that adds a bit of intrigue to the POV character while also making the date... pretty excellent. But, obviously, they're also different in their experience, too! Complete opposites, in a sense. Or maybe I'm reading too much into that, pff. 

The little discussion about what sort of love one has for others, especially love that ends up feeling insufficient one's partner, is pretty poignant, as somebody who's aro and has certainly gone through the whole experience of "I love my partner, but it feels like my love isn't the right kind of love/I can't love them enough"... Romantic love and love in general is, complicated, I suppose. So it's always nice to see such things laid out in straightforward writing (at least to me) like this!!

I will admit I wasn't expecting kinks to show up as a topic, but I suppose this is aromanticism and not asexuality, pff. Regardless, the playful/coy dialogue surrounding it was fun to read, and the theme of encouraging somebody else to engage in something they like with other people, alongside a little discussion about top/bottom stuff and putting one's trust in others in general, had a pretty strong vibe to it!!

At any rate, though, yes!!! This was an enjoyable little experience with the O2A2 format...!!! Thank you for making it!!! (Also the facts at the end of the art collection are pretty great, pff. Love the second one, especially!!)

i'm glad the discussion of love resonated with you! the pov character doesn't have a lot to say, but he makes it count.

hoho the facts sure are fun aren't they