A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It has been a hundred days since your father, the king, passed away. You have spent a hundred days in your high tower with the knight who ended his life, and who has sworn to end yours as well.

It's time to make a choice.

The King's Wish is a collaborative visual novel made by littlerat and xxmissarichanxx

Join the princess on what might be her final days, visited only by the knight who killed her father. 

There is nothing left for her in this castle. What will be her end?

Content Notice: Includes themes of death and suicidality.

Story, General Coding: littlerat

Art, UI Design and Coding: xxmissarichanxx

Music: Pocket Sound

SFX: Pocket Sound, tobykmagnus589Herkules92

Caption Tool for Ren'Py: npckc

Special thanks: Krissi, Joaquin

If you would like to support the creators, you can find them on kofi (littleratxxmissarichanxx) or tip them on one of their other games.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Authorslittlerat, xxmissarichanxx
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Dark, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles


The King's Wish - PC 160 MB
The King's Wish - MAC 143 MB
The King's Wish - LINUX 150 MB

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I love it!!! The design really ties up the whole game as an interesting experience~ Albeit it feels that there's not really and real consequences from them all haha, but still good!!!

thank you for playing and for the video :3



This was such an unforgettable experience - absolutely beautiful in its poignancy and brevity! 

This game has such an intriguing premise with polished presentation. The ending mechanic was executed, so, so wonderfully and added to the tension of every choice I made. I really appreciated how well hints to the larger story were sprinkled throughout the narrative's different paths and choices. 


It took about an hour and a full page of notes for me to figure out which choices connected to which outcomes, but I did successfully manage unlock all six endings, ahaha! 

My favorite of the bunch (In Her Footsteps) ended up being the final one I unlocked, and I am so happy this was the path my Princess and Knight's story ended on. :) They finally get a chance to live life on their own terms, outside the shadow of expectations.


i'm really pleased to hear you enjoyed this game enough to make a full page of notes for it, thank you for sharing <3

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HMMMM. This game is super fricking interesting, gosh. I really love its presentation, for starters; all the art really lends to the story being told. BUT THE STORY ITSELF IS SO GOOD, TOO?? It's rather minimalist, but it fulfills a very specific purpose; definitely a huge fan of it. REALLY GLAD YA GOT TO MAKE A COLLAB GAME LIKE THIS!!! THE POWER OF YOUR WRITING AND THIS ART IS A FANTASTIC COMBO!!! In terms of spoilers, though...

I wonder how many endings there are, though I ended up getting ones in the three paths, I assume. Of course I went for the worst one first, then the obvious good one, then fished around for the secret ending of sorts... I suppose it might be foolish to ask if there's more than just 3 main routes, but I MEAN THOSE THREE ROUTES ARE QUITE DIFFERENT INDEED. Ultimately, I think the princess escaping with the knight is the happiest ending, in a way, but the knight's wish ending is pretty interesting to consider as well..... Just a nice lil knight making sure life stays the same...... Although, y'know, maybe there's a hellish amount of boredom going on for the princess in that scenario; who knows, pff.

Only sorta thing that made me go "Huh" was the "Reset" button of sorts, pff. I suppose it's rather easy to miss for those who wanna get alternate endings, though, additionally, I dunno if it's necessarily supposed to be encouraged to get all the endings; I just like being a completionist, always.... EITHER WAY. Yeah. If it's meant to be accessible, it's rather easy to miss it. BUT I ASSUME IT ISN'T MEANT TO BE, SO THERE YOU HAVE IT??? I don't know what I'm trying to say here.


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i'm actually rather curious what the third ending you got was, i'd love to hear it.

the button is a bit of an experiment! i'm not sure if it's doing what i intended -- it's quite possible i'll end up adjusting it. 

if you would like to know how many routes there are, i encourage you to consider PAST DREAMS.

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I SOMEHOW MISSED THE PAST DREAMS TAB AAAAAAAAA What the hell I'm so bad at video games. And now, I see, there's 6 endings....... 

The third route that I was referring to was Knight's Will, though I only ended up getting the neutral one where all you do is make Princess act extremely, extremely boring, pff. BUT I GOT THE POSITIVE KNIGHT'S WILL ENDING TOO A SEC AGO. I just...... forgot to try a route where you're very nice to Knight, pff. Not very secret, I suppose...

Also, the changes to the whole resetting/seeing all the endings stuff is fun. THE FLAVOR TEXT IS FUN!!! And there being three ?'s instead of just one to start with is quite a bit more noticeable..... But the flavor text is fun, most importantly, pff.


!!! absolutely adore this. i love the unsaid tension between the Princess and the Knight, it works So well

(also i swear not all people with "knight" in their name are like this)


i like the implication that the knight is a knight named Knight


I loved it! I did one playthrough and got one ending, but it will not let me play anymore? There's no option to start another playthrough


thank you for playing!

based on feedback, i've slightly increased contrast in a certain area of the game.

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Okay so I got "The Princess's Choice: In Her Footsteps" ending and when it brings me back to the title screen I can only see what ending I got and not start another play session. How many endings are there? :D I really like the mechanic of taking away the save/load feature and forcing players to really think about their decisions because there's no way back. 

And ofc I love princesses and knights so I HAD to rush to play this as soon as I got the email notification. I really loved the slow reveal of what her father did and how the knight responded to those orders. 

I only wish I could go back and see what the other options would have revealed about the plot because I loved what I had learned about the world and I'm certain I missed more. 

The art was really lovely! I especially loved the unicorn banner in the back of the room as well as the storybook images at the end. They were just so lovely and set a really nice tone. 

And ofc I really loved the progress of this game and how the princess slowly decides to make her own future (I suppose I made her do that with my choices, haha) and I even bullied the knight into coming with her (which I did feel bad about LOL I was like Im pretty sure I answered incorrectly for some earlier questions and he kept saying no)

Anyway I loved this game and it's got a lot to think about. I really really really love the unorthodox presentation of locking saves/loads and forcing players to live with the one ending they get--which Im very happy with my ending, I feel like it very much suits me hehe. Which is also kind of interesting because it almost gives the game a "personality quiz" type of reaction???  

Sorry this comment has gone off the rails a bit but I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS and I'm going to be thinking about it a lot!


thank you for playing! 

i'm glad your ending suits you! and yet, i also hope your wish comes true


SAD PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!! SAD PRINCESS!!!! AND A KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!