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Languages: English, Español (Latino), Français (France)


Your name is Mr. Rabbit. You're the proud owner of a little flower shop started with the help of your mentor, Ruffle, and you're ready to spread the magic of flowers to everyone! The thing is, you've just made a very big sale, and now you're almost out of everything you use to actually sell flowers, like ribbon, floral tape, and... flowers.

That's okay, though! That's what delivery is for, and also what hoping-the-folks-who-walk-in-don't-know-enough-about-flowers-to-notice-you-don't-really-have-much-to-offer-them-right-now is for.

While you're at the counter, you'll meet lovely folks like:
- The Penguin who bought your entire inventory for a magic show!
- The Mouse who's too small to see from the shop counter!
- The Bear who barely says anything, and whose eyes are always in shadow!

Of course, these folks are all here for flowers (probably?), so do your best to help everyone walk out happy!


Parcels and Pollen is a visual novel with point-and-click elements about a plucky rabbit florist doing his very best! 

Two endings, 20-30 minute playtime.

The game is free, but if you pay $3 or more you can support me as a creator and get a digital art book containing the art from the game, sketches, and a bunch of author's notes. Also available as a text-only PDF in English and Spanish (Latam)!


Story, Coding, Art: littlerat

Music and SFX: Pocket Sound

Caption Tool for Ren'Py: npckc

Español (Latino): dunkelheyt
Français (France): VSGameStudio

Special thanks to npckc and xxmissarichanxx!


Winner of the Melbourne Queer Games Festival 2021: Emerging Developer Award


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Parcels and Pollen - PC AND LINUX.zip 93 MB
Parcels and Pollen - MAC.zip 59 MB
Parcels and Pollen - Android.apk 75 MB
Parcels and Pollen - Art Book.pdf 47 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Parcels and Pollen - Art Book - Text Version (ENG + ESLA).pdf 42 kB
if you pay $3 USD or more

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This game was so cute, I was going through some pretty rough stuff when I was playing this and this game made me feel so much better, so thanks!


What a sweet & simple game. 4 stars.


Played this just now, and it was a delight. Got both endings after missing the true one first time. Thanks for making it.


Such a lovely little game and story. I got the "Normal" ending, so will have to play again to try and get the other one. Thanks 

Hello! Do you have interest in a Brazilian Portuguese translation?

If yes, contact me back so we can discuss about it.

i would love to work on your game.

Hi Vignett, I'm too busy working on other games right now to start working on a new translation but thank you for the offer!

(1 edit)

Hey, If you want a french translation, feel free to contact me ;) 

This game was sooooo cute :D

Hi Aurore, thanks for the offer! Should I contact you on twitter? I think your DMs are set to followers only so you would have to follow me first ^^

I'll follow you :)

Thanks! But you'd actually have to follow me on twitter (@little_rattus), as itch.io doesn't have private messaging.

Oh sorry I misunderstood !

Noy BaD At All


Looking forward to translate this game into Latin America's Spanish, if you are interested, please, let me know!


Thanks for the offer, that's very generous! I'd want to make some small changes to the game first, but I'd be happy to contact you afterwards.


Well, feel free to PM me via Discord (Dunkelheyt#9648) or Twitter: @Dunkelheyt

I'm ready whenever you are!


I like this game, keep up the good work.


A Wholesome and Adorable Visual Novel....

Also, 'Gay Flowers'. Ahahahaha.

Thank you so much for the LP (and for linking me in the video description!)

No horror here, only flowers ;)


Yep! Have played it through, just guessing since it's Spooktober! Nice game btw!

(1 edit) (+1)

I love the characters and it made me have warm feelings for them, especially the interactions of serious bear and the helpful Mr. Rabbit. TuT I love that it's so wholesome. I like the atmosphere and the whole layout plus giving choices to players about which flower is best is a nice touch. Simple but done very well.


I've never considered calling Mr. Bear "serious bear" but it works very well, haha! I'll keep that in mind.

Thank you for playing!


Aaaah this game was so cute and heart-warming!! I loved the variety of characters and relationships as well. Even thought it was brief, I thought the writing showed each character and their concerns + relationships with others well. I especially love the final bit with Mr. Bear! I liked that both of them had a genuine struggle/concern, and how they communicated about it.

It was a really lovely game, thank you for making it!!

You're welcome, thank you for playing!!


This looks ADORABLE!!!! I can't wait to play!!

Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy it! c:


OKAY I JUST FINISHED IT AND D'AWWW???? IT WAS /ADORABLE/ OMGGGG. Mr. Hare was my favorite, the way he gets closer to the viewer, I was laughing so hard hahahaha. 

All the little animations and sfxs were such a nice touch and gave the game such a lively feel!!!

What an adorable little game!!!

Thank you!! I love Mr. Hare too, he's very passionate...! 

I had a lot of fun with the animation and sound, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!