A story about a ghost in a convenience store.
Four endings. 
Click on the highlighted words to play. 

Made in twine for Friendship Jam.

Cover image by Vecteezy!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsGhosts, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Narrative, Singleplayer, Twine

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I got the new friend ending.

Some of the dialogue in the Forgiveness ending resonated with me a bit harder than it should have, I think, pff. But overall, this is a nice and sweet little game. TRULY A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE OF MAKING NEW FRIENDS IN AN UNLIKELY PLACE AND EVEN LESS LIKELY CIRCUMSTANCES......!!!!

Where download

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the forgiveness ending is so cuuuuuuuuuteeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
i love friendly ghosts so i had to play this when i saw. amazing game :DD

I got all four endings! 😄 A new friend, goodbye ghost, a secret ghost and forgiveness all in that order!

I got the ending where you and the ghost and sam plan to go for burgers, can someone tell me the other endings cause I'm curious! 

Also I really like this game its so wholesome ^-^

I got that ending first as well the second ending I got was is when you see the pretzels floating a dodge or get hit basically and the 'ghost' doesn't come around anymore. The third one I got is when you don't tell Sam about it and nothing happens, the fourth one I got is when you think there is a thief and the second time the 'ghost' comes up to you, you have to rip it out of their hands and not tell Sam so your character makes a sign that says their sorry and the 'ghost' writes on your sign saying basically the same thing in the ending you got. You hear the 'ghost' crying and hand then a tissue that's how they figure out you can hear them. I'm really bad at explaining but I hope that helps😅😂


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Really nice game, and the 'ghost' is cute :)  I already got 3 endings and they're neat

however I somehow got stuck in the middle of getting the fourth...I can't scroll down so I can't click the link, scrolling only moves the website, not the game. Even after clicking the game, that usually works but it didn't. And now I'm stuck here and refreshing doesn't restart the game either. Ummm what do I do

(edit: to be specific, I'm currently on the page when MC says to the 'ghost' "I still owe you a bag of pretzels." but I think the unable to scroll thing started earlier, just the links didn't need scrolling to click yet. And I tried other twine games but they work fine & scrolls fine.)

update: restarting doesn't help either, it's still unable to scroll.

As I recall, I removed the scrolling feature for aesthetic reasons -- I didn't realize that'd break the game on some browsers, sorry about that! It should be all fixed now.

Thanks! I'm going back to the remaining ending then :P

ummmmmmmm how do you play

You can click the blue words!

yay you dont gotta pay


Aww this was really nice and creative! //spoilers// I loved the part where they said they weren't a ghost and then talked about how they started disappearing? I love the ambiguity of it and that something else might be going on!


This was so lovely, it reminded me of the invisible child from moomin! :D


i've never actually watched/read moomin but i've always loved the designs, so i'm quite flattered! ^^

how do you play


this is the most wholesome thing i have ever read.

in summary: i love it and ghostie is babey

thanks!! ghostie is doing their best